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Senior executive search requires strict methodology but serendipitous rendezvous play their part

Diversity not yet high priority for India Inc – Economictimes

Expressing concern over the state of affairs in India, Gita Dang, founder director of HR consultancy Talent Advisory Services says: “Indian companies – other than in financial services – have been very slow to start and relatively inconsistent in their approach to this issue. Consequently, today we find an inverse pyramid as far as gender diversity is concerned – higher intake at campus level, some at mid- management level and negligible presence at the CXO/board level.

Wipro’s CMO Jessie Paul quits to start own venture – Economic Times

Commenting on the trend to turn entrepreneur among professionals, Gita Dang, founder director, Talent Advisory Services, a Delhi-based headhunter said: “They are very ambitious people who do not see growth for themselves in companies they are working at. That could spur the shift to become an entrepreneur.”

New calling: Murthy to turn venture capitalist

18 Apr 2009, 0318 hrs IST, Shelley Singh & Shubham Mukherjee, ET Bureau

“For lot of entrepreneurs, it’s seen as the right thing to do. And, why not? They have the experience, understanding, mentoring ability and money to make a difference.” Says Gita Dang, CEO of executive search firm Talent Advisory Services

TiE Stree Shakti (TSS)

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), the world’s largest non-profit network of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship, announced today the launch of India’s first Women Entrepreneurship platform – TiE Stree Shakti (TSS). TiE Stree Shakti is spearheaded by a power panel of accomplished and successful women which includes Ms Gita Dang, Board Member, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Delhi

Tech Companies to Drive Hard on Corp Governance

Shelley Singh, ET Bureau 1 Jan 2009

“Having codes and guidelines is one aspect. The spirit in which corporate governance is taken matters a lot. Companies should strengthen boards and the role that boards play,” said Gita Dang, founder-director, Talent Advisory Services, a Delhi-based C-level search firm.

Outsourcing Your HR Department

By Mohita Nagpal, DARE

“There are two types of companies that go for outsourced HR services. One is very small ones, when they don’t want to have an independent HR team. They will outsource operations. Then over the years they go through a phase where they do it all in-house. Then again once they reach a certain size [when] they find it cost effective to outsource” says Gita Dang Founder, Talent Advisor Services

End of dream run

2 Oct, 2008 │ Ishani Duttagupta │ ET Bureau

Some HR experts feel that considering that all the firms impacted by the crisis are global and since the impact is spreading globally, many finance professionals are likely to move to other sectors where their expertise is valued. Says Gita Dang, founder director of Talent Advisory Services a boutique executive search firm: “These positions could be in financial services firms/ corporate roles as well as the PE/VC firms. Consequently, it could mean that some of them could move for the right opportunity to almost any major city in the world.”

Hiring for startups

Gita Dang, feels that it is erroneous of startups to feel that they are in competition with established big-brand companies. “The profiles of people who aspire to join startups are typically those who don’t want to be part of an established big-brand company. In fact, the real competition for a startup is from other startups, which have the ability to attract and retain these candidates.”