Do tech companies need a techie CEO?

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All those from the new-pro brigade want to get into Information Technology as it offers faster growth and of course remuneration to match your skill set or even more.

From trying to get a decent job in technology arena, the new age IT pro is now all out to grab the top ranks in tech companies. Due to the increasing competition not only have the positions grown in numbers, the number of contenders has also gown up drastically.

What does it take to reach the top of the ladder in tech companies? What are tech CEOs made of?

“A good engineering degree is definitely a plus, but can not guarantee you a top slot in an IT companies. A management and engineering combination is definitely the ideal profile,” says Gita Dang, Senior Client partner Korn Ferry International. Gita specialises in recruiting people at top levels especially in the tech arena.

Companies are looking for someone who can make them stand out in this rush of tech firms. “We generally look at people with over 18 years of experience in the industry,” she says. Apart from the routine knowledge of the industry and the key challenges, today’s scenario also demands someone who is capable of working in a global environment.

The tech marketplace is changing by the hour. The right candidate would be the one who understands not just the marketplace but also the effect of a particular technology on the business.

India is fast gaining importance as both the market and the resource for technology. MNC’s want to cash in on India’s talent and the vast pool of consumers.

“They want someone who can be understand the domestic market well and is also able to project it in relation to global business,” Gita says. Though the common notion says that a technically qualified person would do well when placed at the helm of affairs in a tech company, it’s not always true.

Many companies have the position of a business analyst who has substantial management experience along with technical qualification or vice versa.

In today’s business driven word, technology has to be driven towards achieving business goals and developing in niche areas. So do techies have to shift to management to be at the top?

“They should rather stick to technology as that is the strength,” says Rajul Garg, COO and VP Induslogic. “Being hands-on with technology always a plus. Not only that technology is at its peak and people are ready to pay for the best talent,” he adds.

Good business skills are necessary to run a company in any industry, and tech CEOs tend to focus more on good technology to make business success. In this competitive world, the coolest technology will fetch nothing if you can’t market it properly, or if consumers aren’t ready for it.

That’s what makes the CEO’s or any other top ranking position so coveted and of course so very well paid.

Pay packets

As far as Indian market is concerned, we can now say the packages are at par with the global standards. The salary range is very wide depending upon a person’s skill set. More than that, scarcity of the talent you have will decide what your worth.

Some very eligible candidates are missing out on great opportunities as they see a mirage is terms of salary. Since there has been so much hype about tech salaries, candidates wait for unrealistic pay packets.

If you think you have all of that and are ready for the top job, wait! A person has to pass through at least 4-5 rounds of interviews well before the salary negotiation begins.

Working for a tech company brings with itself the added challenge of keeping oneself continuously updated. Thanks to fast hanging technology, skills become obsolete overnight.

Age Factor

There’s been so much talk about people getting to top positions at young age, courtesy tech jobs. But considering the prevalent trends, the companies in India and even MNCs remain more or less conservative in this regard.

The average age for a top rank still remains around late thirties or forties.

And where do the firms find the hot CEO material?

“In India the internal recruitment network is still very strong,” Gita says. Firms depend less on recruitment agencies or head hunters. All of us seem to have loads of it, don’t we? Hang on you young pros! If you think that your attitude will get you your dream job, here’s an eye opener.

If you think top jobs are only about managing people, get your facts right. Hands-on approach can give you an edge over others. Apart from being a good manager, the CEO should also be able to rise up to the occasion when the ace techie doesn’t turn up. This is more relevant when heading start ups.

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